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via British GQ Insta. The utterly charming Benedict Cumberbatch arrives at the #GQAwards head to tow in Savile Row’s Spencer Hart.

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natka-natka-natka - Hi. Why wasn't Sherlock listed as John's pressure point when Magnussen was "reading"? Thank you!

thetwogaydetectives -

That is a really interesting question. Thank you for choosing me, of all people, to answer that!

Now, I don’t know for sure, so I’m just going to give you my personal thoughts. At first the first conclusion you will likely reach is "John doesn’t care about Sherlock as much as Sherlock cares about him!" This is not necessarily true.

First off, who are John’s pressure points? Mary and Harry. We have to think, why are they his pressure points? Because he cares about them, and they can get hurt. Harry is an alcoholic. Her image can easily be destroyed; she is, understandably, a constant worry. Not to mention, she can die of intoxication at any time. She is vulnerable, and she is family; a perfect pressure point.

Now, Mary is his wife. His pregnant wife. A woman is most delicate when pregnant, especially during the first three months of a pregnancy. Mary can easily get hurt, and lose the baby. I’m not saying John is basking in happiness with his domestic life, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. he would care if something happened to that child. We see that when John says

You can’t go. You’re pregnant

Mary(and the baby) can get hurt, thus they are a pressure point.

 Now, we know John cares about Sherlock. However, we also must realize that, most of the time, he puts Sherlock on a pedestal. He expects Sherlock to do the impossible. And Sherlock tries his damn hardest to keep up with John’s expectations.

Now, Sherlock died, but he came back. He did the impossible. I think that, in John’s mind, Sherlock is in many ways invincible. He doesn’t really think something can happen to Sherlock. Because if jumping off a building didn’t kill him, what will?

We see that on the train scene in TEH. What does John tell Sherlock?

JOHN (sternly): Well, think of something.
SHERLOCK: Why d’you think I know what to do?
JOHN: Because you’re Sherlock Holmes.  You’re as clever as it gets

Sherlock just told him a bomb is going to go off, and what does John say? Fix it. To John, Sherlock always has an answer. To John, Sherlock is the best thing there is. If he can’t solve it, no one can.

If you remember, John doesn’t believe him at first when Sherlock says he can’t do it. That is the extent to which John believes in Sherlock. A bomb can be seconds away from exploding, and he still thinks Sherlock can save the day.

We see it again in TSoT

JOHN: How can you not remember which room?  You remember everything

JOHN (louder): Now, there is a man in there about to die.  (Sarcastically) “The game is on.” (Angrily, pointing at the door.) Solve it!

He thinks Sherlock can fix anything. He thinks Sherlock can solve anything, under any circumstances. Sherlock is not a pressure point, because no one can hurt him, or so John thinks.

Of course, I think this all changes when Sherlock is shot. I’m sure that, if Magnussen where to check again after that, Sherlock would be a pressure point for sure.

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"Be the kind of woman that, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, ‘oh crap, she’s up.’" -Unknown

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I think everybody was a bit surprised (and totally pleased!)

Congrats to team Sherlock for their Emmy wins!

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Let’s not forget the real reason why any of them—or any of us—are even here:









are you fucking kidding me

i’m as much of a fervent ACD stan as anyone but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating ACD, but hijcaking a Sue appreciation post? Come on. If it were ONLY for ACD’s books, then most of us wouldn’t even be on Tumblr! Appreciate everyone :)

but i mean hey, if we’re going to hijack a post, why not go all the damn way


not only did this lady give birth to little baby artie, she also talked him out of it when he wanted to kill off holmes in just the twelfth short story

so basically we’ve always been lucky to have some smart ladies keeping their eyes on things

is what i’m saying

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"Q: It seems as if the introduction of viewpoint chapters for the “villains” are intended to humanize them, or at least make them somewhat sympathetic. That seems to have not been the case with the recent Circe [sic] chapters where we learn that her actions weren’t driven by her resentment over being a woman in a man’s game, but rather over fear of a prophecy. To me it seemed like you were letting us into her head only to make her less likeable. What was your expectation for her chapters and how do you feel that your approach to her character differed from the way you’ve treated the more redemptive POVs of Jaime and Tyrion?

A: I don’t concern myself over whether my characters are “likeable” or “sympathetic.” (I had my fill of that in television). My interest is in trying to make them real and human. If I can create a fully-fleshed three-dimensional character, some of my readers will like him/ her, or some won’t, and that’s fine with me. That’s the way real people react to real people in the real world, after all. Look at the range of opinions we get on politicans and movie stars. If EVERYONE likes a certain character, or hates him, that probably means he’s made of cardboard. So I will let my readers decide who they like, admire, hate, pity, sympathize with, etc. The fact that characters like Sansa, Catelyn, Jaime, and Theon provoke such a wide range of reactions suggests to me that I have achieved my goal in making them human."

a fan and George R. R. Martin, Barnes and Noble forums, 4/15/2008

just pointing out, GRRM did not write Jaime’s POV with the intention of making him sympathetic or Cersei with the intention of making her unsympathetic — readers interpret them that way. (Or the opposite way, depending on the reader.)  His intention was to write full, human characters. And though this post was well before ADWD came out, I think it can also explain the reaction to the “unsympathetic” Tyrion POV in that book.  (via nobodysuspectsthebutterfly)


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(Vanity Fair)

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Oscars 2015: February
Setlock: January/February

Just imagine: curly Oscar!batch  #deaded

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September 1, 2014 | Gala screening of 'The Guest' [x] via [x]


If you watch this show carefully, there is a subtext about John drinking. - Steven Moffat

for Clem

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